We're using USD rates for all our Botswana payment gateways. the gateways are

Bank Transfer (BWP) USD
Orange Money (BWP) USD
MyZaka (BWP) USD
FNB Ewallet (BWP) USD


You may see these gateways are calculated as "USD", not in their original currency. however, do not worry. even if you placed an order for these gateways in USD, you'd still get the same amount in BWP in your account as you requested. please check our official rates below for these gateways.


                                          "(SEND) RATES"

1 Bank Transfer (BWP) USD               =             16 BWP
1 Orange Money (BWP) USD              =             16 BWP
1 MyZaka (BWP) USD                        =             16 BWP
1 FNB Ewallet (BWP) USD                  =             16 BWP
1 BeMobile SMEGA (BWP) USD           =             16 BWP


                                          "(RECEIVE) RATES"


1 Bank Transfer (BWP) USD               =              12 BWP
1 Orange Money (BWP) USD              =              12 BWP
1 MyZaka (BWP) USD                        =              12 BWP
1 FNB Ewallet (BWP) USD                  =              12 BWP
1 BeMobile SMEGA (BWP) USD           =              12 BWP


Here is a detailed example of how we do it.

You placed an order:

You Send: Bitcoin
You'll Receive: Orange Money (BWP) USD
The amount you paid: 0.005 BTC
The amount you'll receive: 83.23 Orange Money (BWP) USD

Now your order is successfully placed for processing.

We'll process your order and send you the payment on your Orange Money BWP account in the currency "BWP". we'll calculate this 83.23 USD to BWP as "Our Rates" and send you the exact amount. So, 

The amount you'll receive from us is 998.12 BWP


It may sound complicated but believe us it's not :) we're just using USD for accepting the order and still, we'll send you the exact amount to the gateway you've requested for. 


To know more please contact us

Thank You.