About Us

About Express Minds Crypto Service

ExpressMinds Crypto Service is owned and operated by Express Minds Pty Ltd, a Botswana company operating out of Gaborone, Express Minds Pty Ltd is registered with The Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBIFIRA) and operates in full compliance with Botswana regulation on Anti Money Laundering(FIA) and adheres to the highest standards in data protection.


It was founded and officially registered in 2017, Express Minds provides a majority of well-known products and services for individuals and businesses of all size. In an era often defined by new and emerging digital mediums and technologies, we align our expertise of today’s ever-changing technology with a clear understanding of traditional way of doing business. This approach allows us to take advantage of the vast number of opportunities made available by modern technology, without losing sight of the tried and true methods of yesterday.


Our products and services ranges from cool smart gadgets, Bitcoin ATMs, cell phones, consumer electronics, car accessories, phones accessories, computer accessories and security cameras, web design, graphics and hosting services, help schools with Google for Education products and use of Virtual Reality in classrooms and computer coding programs for schools etc. We provide one stop shop to customers who wants crypto currencies. We buy and sell cryptocurrencies through our Bitcoin ATM machine and online exchange.